Thursday, December 18, 2008

About the Retreats

Images from past retreats.

Imagine a place where spirit and earth come together, set amid the wonders of nature, where beauty lives in every mountain, sunset, tree and stream.

Everyone needs a place to escape the pressures of life and to reconnect with spirit on a deeply personal level; to reflect on what matters most and to nourish inner peace. Summit Quest provides a unique space for personal renewal and growth for women through retreats. Participants rekindle old friendship and make new friends. They empower one another to recognize and achieve the highest potentil within.

Rhonda Moses, the owner of Summit Quest and the facilitator at the retreats, has a masters degree from Whitworth University in Marriage and Family therapy and works full time as a mental health counselor at Frontier Behavioral Health in Spokane Washington. However she actually started the retreats years before she graduated with her degree. It was during a particularly difficult time in her own life where she knew she needed some help and support. She did not have the money to go to counseling at the time so she decided to create a women's group that met twice a month to support one another by sharing and listening from the heart, setting goals, and following through with one another. This group lead to creating the space at the women's retreats which began in Hope Idaho in 2001. Now retreats are held three times a year. They are in the winter, spring, and fall. Each retreat has a different theme and is in a different location which makes it great for those who enjoy coming again and again.

The retreats are working retreats which means they are structured in nature with a schedule to follow and that at times participants might be stretched out of their comfort zones as most healing and growth can only happen when we are stretched. At every retreat ground rules are created by the participants that all agree upon. Also at every retreat there is time for silent reflection, journaling, participating in sharing circles and time for other personal growth activities.

Most women who attend the retreats have a powerful experience and return again and again.

Cost for retreats range from $185 to $299 per participant depending on location and length of the retreat. Partial scholarships are often available. The cost of the retreats are quite low compared to similar gatherings but that is intentional. The goal is to keep it affordable.

Each participant is assigned to a small group to provide a meal for the retreat. We may also go out to eat for one meal.

A $100 non-refundable deposit will secure your place. The balance is due 10 days prior to the retreat.

For more information contact:

Rhonda Moses

(509) 599-5572

Read what other women said about past retreats:

"A place in this world with unconditional love is so precious and that is what we have at the retreat. Something I've never had or been able to accept before. I so appreciate the love and caring I felt from strangers who are now dear friends." Janet

"What a beautiful space for love and healing. It was a marvelous weekend." Glenda

"I am again in awe of the transformation that takes place in this sacred space. I revel in the joy that is placed in my heart by being honest, in the moment and real. It is amazing to witness pure light and love when the masks are taken down and vulnerability is present." Kimber

"I feel such an amazing sense of spirit in this beautiful nature setting, with these beautiful women. It has been an incredible experience...another 'open door' for me... a true gift I will treasure always. I have felt such unconditional love and a true sense of trust and freedom; freedom to fly!" Diane

"Learning to be OK with myself is so freeing. This week end has given me moments of pure peace. I love the sisterhood we feel among ourselves. Nothing is more beautiful than watching another bloom before your eyes." Anonymous

"Glad I made the choice to come. As usual, I learned more about myself and I'm grateful for all the gifts of all the women here. I love them all so much." Shelly
"I appreciate the sacred space and unconditional love created at these retreats. I am so thankful to meet such wonderful people and to watch their growth. This is a place I feel pure, whole, and at peace." Kimber

"I felt such an incredible spiritual power with these amazing women. I can't wait 'til next year!" Kristi

"I feel renewed and refreshed. All the love has filled me up. I love each person I had the opportunity to share this experience with." Glenda

"It is the last morning and I feel a loss already in leaving these women and this great experience. The mountains are beautiful this morning. The sun has worked its way through a few dark clouds and the mountains reflect warmth. I have had great experiences this weekend. We really do take with us what we are willing to put into it." Madonna

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