Monday, December 22, 2008

Simple Beauty

My favorite holiday tradition of all is getting together with my family, eating great food, visiting, laughing, playing games, reading the Christmas account from the scriptures, and exchanging homemade gifts. This has been our tradition since I was a girl, and now I get to share this with my children.

Today we planned to visit Ephrata for this wonderful event. It is what I most look forward to during the holidays, but to my great disappointment, the snow forced us to stay home. I literally had to hold back tears. We set another date for after the holidays, but it just isn't the same.

The kids were going stir crazy in the house, so much that I offered to take them to one of their favorite sledding hills. They would have fun and I would enjoy a moment of peace and quiet. Turns out the snow was too fluffy and too deep for sledding, so they called me just shortly after dropping them off.

At that point, I decided it would be fun if all of us went to lunch. Barry came with me to pick up the kids. When we showed up he jumped out of the truck with his camera to take pictures of the kids playing in the snow. We laughed at the cute pictures he took, then he pulled the girls on a sled while he ran through the icy parking lot. Once again we were all laughing.

We had a wonderful lunch and enjoyed one another's company. Then we came home and put together a puzzle, played a game of cards, acted all silly, laughed some more, watched a touching movie, and read scriptures together before we put the kids to bed. It was a beautiful day! Not the day I had hoped for and yet it was simple and beautiful. I am grateful for simple, beautiful moments. Each day is full of them.

May we take the time to notice simple beauty and give thanks this special holiday season.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

McCall Retreat

Summit Quest recently completed another successful women's retreat in McCall, Idaho. Several new people attended, adding a new depth to the growing circle of women.

The women created plaster masks representing the emotional masks they wear in life. The masks helped the women to explore the barriers they place between themselves and others, as well as ways to increase intimacy and trust.

Hear what some had to say about their experience:

"A place in this world with unconditional love is so precious and that is what we have at the retreat. Something I've never had or been able to accept before. I so appreciate the love and caring I felt from strangers who are now dear friends." Janet

"What a beautiful space for love and healing. It was a marvelous weekend." Glenda

"I am again in awe of the transformation that takes place in this sacred space. I revel in the joy that is placed in my heart by being honest, in the moment and real. It is amazing to witness pure light and love when the masks are taken down and vulnerability is present." Kimber

Leavenworth Retreat

This in the Moment women's retreat was held in Spring 2007 near Leavenworth, Washington. Several new people attended. Everyone had a very memorable experience.

Comments from the last retreat:

“This was my first retreat and it is amazing how special I fell in this environment. All the women helped me open my eyes and realize how beautiful I really am. Thank you!” ~Natalie

This retreat was amazing! I really had time to look inward and see the real me. It was amazing to know I can stop pretending that I am someone other than myself! I love the real me! Thank you for letting me get to know myself this weekend.” ~Jenni

Previous Couple's Retreat

Summit Quest held its first couples retreat near Garden Valley, Idaho, where six couples attended and shared a phenomenal healing experience.


Summit Quest sponsors a wide range of experiential workshops committed to personal empowerment and awareness where participants actively explore news ideas and ways of relating to the world. Some of our more popular workshops:

Challenge Workshop

Participants challenge self-limiting beliefs in a supportive and caring environment, and reach beyond what they ever thought possible. The experience of overcoming perceived limitations in a workshop setting often creates a renewed sense of freedom and fulfillment in other areas of life. This workshop culminates in a ropes course experience.

Mask Workshop

Most people long for deep human connection, and yet many struggle to live authentically with others. To one degree or another, we all wear masks to protect against potential injury or to gain the approval of others. While masks provide some degree of security, they also diminish trust and genuine intimacy. Is it possible to confuse our own identities with the masks we wear? Who are we beneath the the layers of self-protection? When is it safe to reveal our deepest truth and thereby create greater compassion and connection? Participants explore these questions and more in the Mask Workshop, culminating in a creative hands-on project based on individual ways of relating to others.

Relationship Workshop

This dynamic interpersonal workshop requires people to attend with a close family member or other relationship partner, such as husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, mothers and sons, close friends, or any other significant relationship. Participants practice important communication skills to improve understanding and caring, such as active listening, empathy, non-judgment, and forgiveness.

Soul Dance Workshop

Soul Dance is a meditative practice designed to create greater access to individual wisdom by inviting participants to use music, intention, and movement as a tool for looking inward. Each person has a completely unique experience; some find emotional release and healing as a direct result of the Soul Dance, while others discover answers to important personal questions. Because people change and grow with time, the Soul Dance experience also changes and can be repeated, each time with different and equally rewarding results.

To schedule a workshop for groups of 10 or more, please contact Rhonda Moses at (509) 599-5572.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Couple's Retreats

The relationship between husband and wife is sacred.

Most often, the wedding day is filled with hope, joy, laughter, and celebration. Couples begin the marriage relationship filled with loving expectations and bright dreams for the future. At this time of beauty, everything is right with the world.

But the stress of daily living may test the resolve of even the best relationships. Some simply get lost in daily routines, allowing the relationship to become ordinary, boring, or mundane. Others may find themselves feeling alone and misunderstood in the relationship that once brought the most joy. Still others experience the pain and heartache of broken promises and shattered dreams.

Regardless of present circumstances, all relationships may benefit from taking the time to stop, listen, and share with one another from a place of deep authenticity.

The retreat provides a safe environment to explore genuine needs and to address issues that may prevent couples from experiencing the fullness of their relationship. It creates an opening for healing and an opportunity to remember the sacred bonds they share.

Marriage is not an event, but a process. The retreat empowers couples to find beauty in the journey.

Cost for the Couple's Retreat: $350.

Price includes lodging and most meals. A $100 non-refundable deposit will secure your place. The full amount is due at least 30 days prior to the retreat.

For more information contact:

Rhonda Moses

(509) 599-5572

Or contact:

Barry Moses

(509) 599-4789

We asked couples to share what they gained from the retreat.

"The retreat provides a safe environment where couples can grow, learn, and support each another. It gives the opportunity to begin healing from the past and to remember future dreams. It’s a great opportunity to be together in nature and to be quiet without the distraction of busy schedules. Being with other couples allows the space to connect with others, to create new friendships, and to make treasured memories." ~Madonna and Loren

"I gained a deeper understanding of myself, my partner, and my relationship. I truly feel the experience added to the depth and strength of our relationship." ~ Ed

"The couple's retreat gave me and my ex-husband a safe space to talk about issues that have been holding us back from a meaningful relationship for many years. We left with a sense of hope for our future and our children's future. At one very powerful point of the retreat I was able to share with my ex-husband the things I would miss about him if he was gone and sharing that helped me to see him as an individual with imperfections, one in which I should no longer judge and or punish for his doings but to see him with a history and doing his best and with conditional love. I learned that relationships can shine again even from the depths of hell here they once stood." ~ Kimber

"Our experience at the Fall 2007 couples retreat was very profound. A couple thrives and depends on their mate throughout their journey here on earth. Until one can be compatible with another, they must look into their own heart before they can give it freely to another with Love. The couples retreat allowed us to look within our selves to learn how we could continue our journey in marriage and/or relationships with a full and true heart. We felt safe in the environment that Rhonda and Barry provided. They set ground rules of confidentiality and trust. We were able to express our pains, joy, hurt and love to heal or to grow stronger. We are so thankful to have been apart of the first annual retreat and would recommend it to any and all couples." ~ Ray and Kyleigh

"We loved the whole weekend; deliberately taking time out to focus on our relationship. We felt renewed appreciation and affection for our partners and a willingness to do this again in a few years for regular maintenance. The experience was down to earth, authentic, casual, and non-judgmental." ~ Tad

"What a wonderful experience! We quickly formed bonds with the other couples at the retreat, and despite our different stages and walks of life, we found that we had many issues in common within our own relationships or had overcome such issues in the past. We were able to share our wisdom, insight, suffering, and joy with each other. The atmosphere was open and non-judgmental, allowing us to focus on our thoughts and feelings without feeling self-conscious, second-guessed, or singled out. Whether a couple is in need of discovery and healing, or just wants to polish up an already well-functioning relationship, I would highly recommend this retreat to them." ~ Kirsten

"The most valuable part was taking the time to see the love my partner has for me and having the time to express mine for him. There never seems to be enough time in the day. To have four days with my partner to do this was the BEST. I will be taking home with me LOVE; I will remember this for always." ~ Frances

Women's Retreats

Images from past retreats.

Imagine a place where spirit and earth come together, set amid the wonders of nature, where beauty lives in every mountain, sunset, tree and stream.

Everyone needs a place to escape the pressures of life and to reconnect with spirit on a deeply personal level; to reflect on what matters most and to nourish inner peace. Summit Quest provides a unique space for personal renewal and growth for women through retreats. Participants rekindle old friendship and make new friends. They empower one another to recognize and achieve the highest potentil within.

Most women who attend the retreats have a powerful experience and return again and again.

Cost for most women's retreats: $285 per person.
Cost for San Diego retreat is $485 per person.
This includes lodging and most meals.

Each participant is assigned to a group to provide one meal for the retreat. We may also go out to eat for one meal. All other meals are free.

A $85 non-refundable deposit will secure your place. The balance is due 10 days prior to the retreat.

For more information contact:

Rhonda Moses

(509) 599-5572

Read what other women said about past retreats:

"A place in this world with unconditional love is so precious and that is what we have at the retreat. Something I've never had or been able to accept before. I so appreciate the love and caring I felt from strangers who are now dear friends." Janet

"What a beautiful space for love and healing. It was a marvelous weekend." Glenda

"I am again in awe of the transformation that takes place in this sacred space. I revel in the joy that is placed in my heart by being honest, in the moment and real. It is amazing to witness pure light and love when the masks are taken down and vulnerability is present." Kimber

"I feel such an amazing sense of spirit in this beautiful nature setting, with these beautiful women. It has been an incredible experience...another 'open door' for me... a true gift I will treasure always. I have felt such unconditional love and a true sense of trust and freedom; freedom to fly!" Diane

"Learning to be OK with myself is so freeing. This week end has given me moments of pure peace. I love the sisterhood we feel among ourselves. Nothing is more beautiful than watching another bloom before your eyes." Anonymous

"Glad I made the choice to come. As usual, I learned more about myself and I'm grateful for all the gifts of all the women here. I love them all so much." Shelly
"I appreciate the sacred space and unconditional love created at these retreats. I am so thankful to meet such wonderful people and to watch their growth. This is a place I feel pure, whole, and at peace." Kimber

"I felt such an incredible spiritual power with these amazing women. I can't wait 'til next year!" Kristi

"I feel renewed and refreshed. All the love has filled me up. I love each person I had the opportunity to share this experience with." Glenda

"It is the last morning and I feel a loss already in leaving these women and this great experience. The mountains are beautiful this morning. The sun has worked its way through a few dark clouds and the mountains reflect warmth. I have had great experiences this weekend. We really do take with us what we are willing to put into it." Madonna