Thursday, October 14, 2010

Couples Retreat: The Sacred Journey

We have made some changes to the upcoming Couples Retreat: The Sacred Journey that will make the weekend more accessible to a wider audience.

We condensed the time to create a greater urgency of purpose. Instead of beginning on Thursday, we will now begin at 1:00 pm on Friday, November 5. The Couples Retreat will end on Sunday, as originally planned.

We also reduced the price from $450 to $350.

Choosing Joy

Twelve women gathered near Priest Lake, Idaho for the Fall 2010 Women's Retreat. The theme of this retreat was Choosing Joy.

During this retreat, the women focused on the beauty of 'living in the moment.' In this photograph, the women were sitting on the shores of Priest Lake as they painted a sunset.

Strengthening friendship is a core aspect of the women's retreat.

This retreat helped us to reflect upon who we really are.

Connecting with nature is always a core part of the Women's Retreat.

During the retreat, the women participate in group processes that provide insight into how people relate to one another.

Every Women's Retreat provides a time for silent reflection.