Sunday, December 21, 2008

McCall Retreat

Summit Quest recently completed another successful women's retreat in McCall, Idaho. Several new people attended, adding a new depth to the growing circle of women.

The women created plaster masks representing the emotional masks they wear in life. The masks helped the women to explore the barriers they place between themselves and others, as well as ways to increase intimacy and trust.

Hear what some had to say about their experience:

"A place in this world with unconditional love is so precious and that is what we have at the retreat. Something I've never had or been able to accept before. I so appreciate the love and caring I felt from strangers who are now dear friends." Janet

"What a beautiful space for love and healing. It was a marvelous weekend." Glenda

"I am again in awe of the transformation that takes place in this sacred space. I revel in the joy that is placed in my heart by being honest, in the moment and real. It is amazing to witness pure light and love when the masks are taken down and vulnerability is present." Kimber

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