Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In their own words...

Some of the couples who participated in the most recent retreat have written to share their feelings about the experience. This is what they wrote:

The couples retreat broke down barriers to conversation and created intimacy for communication. It held a space of honesty and healing that opened doors and hearts. It allowed for things to be said that needed to be said, and things to be heard that needed to be heard. I felt free to have the opportunity to be so open and honest. I feel a closeness and a bond that has added to my relationship. I am thankful to have been a part of such a special experience. Thanks for creating a place of love and compassion so that movement could happen. It feels good to move. ~ Kimber

I was excited about this retreat. I don't remember having any kind of expectations, but once I got there I could sense this connecting with all these other couples in a very strong way. It changed my whole perspective of what I was going to get from this retreat. I got a sense of relief knowing that I was struggling with the same issues as everyone else. It gave me permission to open my heart and mind to experience this retreat in its full capacity. Because of my heart and mind being open, I learned valuable, intimate knowledge about my partner and soul-mate. The bonds that now connect us together are so much stronger than when I came to this retreat. I came away with a sense of great confidence in my relationship knowing my foundation has become much stronger. I know now what my partner needs to create the love and happiness that she wants. ~ Rich

Rhonda and Barry Moses share a gift of bringing together individuals with personal challenges and beliefs to a safe place of discovery and healing. Through connection with others, we realize that we are not alone in our struggles, and are able to share the joys of true compassionate love. Couples retreat not only helped us understand each other as partners, but also as individuals on our own personal spiritual journey. We would recommend couples retreat to anyone interested in learning more about themselves and their partner, whether the partnership is new or aged. We will surely do it again! ~ Ray and Sandy

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Sacred Journey

Summit Quest recently completed a couples retreat in McCall, Idaho. Eight couples attended, each one bringing a great diversity of experiences and life perspectives.

We’ve been doing this work for several years, and yet we’re always inspired and amazed by the personal transformations that occur in three short days. On the first day of retreat, participants often arrive with varying degrees of anxiety and mistrust. Some withdraw themselves to the comforting superficialities of small talk, while others present a flat and lifeless exterior. Despite the obvious challenge of trusting a group of relative strangers, the couples invariably move forward with determination, honesty, and courage. By the last day of retreat, a distinct shift occurs where participants relate to one another from what we sometimes call the “heart-space.” Barriers melt away and are replaced by deep connection.

The couples retreat is not aligned with any religion, and yet the process is deeply spiritual. Couples most often leave the retreat energized and more in love than ever before. The couples retreat truly is a sacred journey.