Tuesday, March 10, 2009


After every retreat, we enjoy reading feedback from all participants. We are always happy to see the positive impact in the lives of those who join us, or to find ways to improve.

These reflections represent the most recent retreat experiences.

This retreat was a safe and temperate atmosphere to work on our relationship. Thank you both, and believe this may have saved our marriage. I LOVE everyone who attended. You are all wonderful human beings. Thank you, Ed.

The Couples Retreat created an atmoshpere of safety and openness for all who attended. We as couples were able to expose our raw emotions in order to heal those dark areas of our relationships that needed that space to heal. It personally helped change the direction our relationship that was looking over the edge of a cliff. We were able to turn and walk the other direction toward the light of healing. Thank you for creating this space! With much gratitude and love, Frances.

This retreat gave me a new appreciation for my husband. Just watching him step up and help other people made me realize how blessed I am in this relationship, Madonna.

This retreat was a safe, non-judgmental, fun, loving atmosphere. Delving deeper into ourselves, our relationship, our understandings and misunderstandings, our conceptions and misconceptions, brought us closer as a couple and reminded us of all the good we love about each other, Kirsten.

What a terrific experience. We so rarely take the time to focus exclusively on each other and the gift of our marriage. I treasure the friendships we've made here and the growth and reinforcement of our sacred vows, Tad.

I feel honored and privileged to know these couples trust us to be witnesses of their growth process. By the end, my own relationship feels much stronger as a result, Barry.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Rhonda, I love you both as well !!! Having a great week.... Sick today, but doing some really great work on both myself & our relationship since the retreat!! I owe you guys a debt of gratitude...

Anonymous said...

Hello! Thank you for creating such a beautiful weekend! Edward and I are in such a wonderful space and it is just amazing! I have two more couples interested in the next retreat just by sharing my story!! Will you send me an email that I can forward to them : ) Love you! Frances.

Rhonda Moses said...

Thanks Ed and Frances! You both helped make the retreat a wonderful experience for both Barry and I. Love you!!!