Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another Perspective

Couples arrive to the retreat with a wide range of emotions. Some show up more committed than ever, while others feel a mix of anger, uncertainty, and fear for the future. Some simply wish to strengthen an already successful marriage, while others may stand at the edge of divorce. No two couples share the same experience.

During the first day of the retreat, most couples show a certain degree of hesitation as they test the waters of trust. Authentic sharing often requires courage, especially when couples express hurt, anger, or disappointment, but as the feeling of safety increases, the tendency to withdraw diminishes. Many couples experience a powerful emotional release as they examine the real issues, and as they re-connect with their commitment to one another. That level of honesty can be so tender and real.

By the last day of the retreat, the couples often show a complete change. Where they were once hesitant or fearful, they open their hearts to laughter and celebration. It is a beautiful and sacred experience to witness couples return to a place of commitment, joy, and love.

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