Sunday, December 21, 2008


Summit Quest sponsors a wide range of experiential workshops committed to personal empowerment and awareness where participants actively explore news ideas and ways of relating to the world. Some of our more popular workshops:

Challenge Workshop

Participants challenge self-limiting beliefs in a supportive and caring environment, and reach beyond what they ever thought possible. The experience of overcoming perceived limitations in a workshop setting often creates a renewed sense of freedom and fulfillment in other areas of life. This workshop culminates in a ropes course experience.

Mask Workshop

Most people long for deep human connection, and yet many struggle to live authentically with others. To one degree or another, we all wear masks to protect against potential injury or to gain the approval of others. While masks provide some degree of security, they also diminish trust and genuine intimacy. Is it possible to confuse our own identities with the masks we wear? Who are we beneath the the layers of self-protection? When is it safe to reveal our deepest truth and thereby create greater compassion and connection? Participants explore these questions and more in the Mask Workshop, culminating in a creative hands-on project based on individual ways of relating to others.

Relationship Workshop

This dynamic interpersonal workshop requires people to attend with a close family member or other relationship partner, such as husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, mothers and sons, close friends, or any other significant relationship. Participants practice important communication skills to improve understanding and caring, such as active listening, empathy, non-judgment, and forgiveness.

Soul Dance Workshop

Soul Dance is a meditative practice designed to create greater access to individual wisdom by inviting participants to use music, intention, and movement as a tool for looking inward. Each person has a completely unique experience; some find emotional release and healing as a direct result of the Soul Dance, while others discover answers to important personal questions. Because people change and grow with time, the Soul Dance experience also changes and can be repeated, each time with different and equally rewarding results.

To schedule a workshop for groups of 10 or more, please contact Rhonda Moses at (509) 599-5572.

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