Thursday, December 18, 2008

Couple's Retreats

The relationship between husband and wife is sacred.

Most often, the wedding day is filled with hope, joy, laughter, and celebration. Couples begin the marriage relationship filled with loving expectations and bright dreams for the future. At this time of beauty, everything is right with the world.

But the stress of daily living may test the resolve of even the best relationships. Some simply get lost in daily routines, allowing the relationship to become ordinary, boring, or mundane. Others may find themselves feeling alone and misunderstood in the relationship that once brought the most joy. Still others experience the pain and heartache of broken promises and shattered dreams.

Regardless of present circumstances, all relationships may benefit from taking the time to stop, listen, and share with one another from a place of deep authenticity.

The retreat provides a safe environment to explore genuine needs and to address issues that may prevent couples from experiencing the fullness of their relationship. It creates an opening for healing and an opportunity to remember the sacred bonds they share.

Marriage is not an event, but a process. The retreat empowers couples to find beauty in the journey.

Cost for the Couple's Retreat: $350.

Price includes lodging and most meals. A $100 non-refundable deposit will secure your place. The full amount is due at least 30 days prior to the retreat.

For more information contact:

Rhonda Moses

(509) 599-5572

Or contact:

Barry Moses

(509) 599-4789

We asked couples to share what they gained from the retreat.

"The retreat provides a safe environment where couples can grow, learn, and support each another. It gives the opportunity to begin healing from the past and to remember future dreams. It’s a great opportunity to be together in nature and to be quiet without the distraction of busy schedules. Being with other couples allows the space to connect with others, to create new friendships, and to make treasured memories." ~Madonna and Loren

"I gained a deeper understanding of myself, my partner, and my relationship. I truly feel the experience added to the depth and strength of our relationship." ~ Ed

"The couple's retreat gave me and my ex-husband a safe space to talk about issues that have been holding us back from a meaningful relationship for many years. We left with a sense of hope for our future and our children's future. At one very powerful point of the retreat I was able to share with my ex-husband the things I would miss about him if he was gone and sharing that helped me to see him as an individual with imperfections, one in which I should no longer judge and or punish for his doings but to see him with a history and doing his best and with conditional love. I learned that relationships can shine again even from the depths of hell here they once stood." ~ Kimber

"Our experience at the Fall 2007 couples retreat was very profound. A couple thrives and depends on their mate throughout their journey here on earth. Until one can be compatible with another, they must look into their own heart before they can give it freely to another with Love. The couples retreat allowed us to look within our selves to learn how we could continue our journey in marriage and/or relationships with a full and true heart. We felt safe in the environment that Rhonda and Barry provided. They set ground rules of confidentiality and trust. We were able to express our pains, joy, hurt and love to heal or to grow stronger. We are so thankful to have been apart of the first annual retreat and would recommend it to any and all couples." ~ Ray and Kyleigh

"We loved the whole weekend; deliberately taking time out to focus on our relationship. We felt renewed appreciation and affection for our partners and a willingness to do this again in a few years for regular maintenance. The experience was down to earth, authentic, casual, and non-judgmental." ~ Tad

"What a wonderful experience! We quickly formed bonds with the other couples at the retreat, and despite our different stages and walks of life, we found that we had many issues in common within our own relationships or had overcome such issues in the past. We were able to share our wisdom, insight, suffering, and joy with each other. The atmosphere was open and non-judgmental, allowing us to focus on our thoughts and feelings without feeling self-conscious, second-guessed, or singled out. Whether a couple is in need of discovery and healing, or just wants to polish up an already well-functioning relationship, I would highly recommend this retreat to them." ~ Kirsten

"The most valuable part was taking the time to see the love my partner has for me and having the time to express mine for him. There never seems to be enough time in the day. To have four days with my partner to do this was the BEST. I will be taking home with me LOVE; I will remember this for always." ~ Frances

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susanne said...

Even though I have attended a retreat yet, I can see the amazing power felt with each individual.